Device responds to snmp but cron fails

Cron [email protected] $CRICKETDIR/cricket/collect-subtrees normal

No response from “xx.xx.xx.xx” [xx.xx.xx.xx].161

The above device responds to snmp via “xxxx” community, but yet I get this error in cron. The docs aren’t any assistance so hopefully, someone can shed some light on this.

Are you sure the community is the same? Are you testing with snmpwalk from the same server where NAV is installed?

Yes, I can walk the ip with the same community, but I don’t know what oid it’s attempting to walk. I use mbrowse on the server that is running nav, plus all the other devices I’ve added are not failing in cron, as far as I can tell.

I can walk oid . to that ip addy, with the same community.

Try to run cricket with log-level debug
This is not a NAV-problem, but a cricket-problem