Different installation methods



My nagios installations always include nagios/pnp4nagios/ndoutils. So far, I have always downloaded the packages from the developers, compiled, configured and installed them. And it generally worked.

Now, I realised that Nagios, pnp4nagios and ndoutils-mysql exist in the repositories (for CentOS, maybe others).

I thought this would make installing vastly easier, since I wouldn’t have to configure too much or do much modifying of ownerships or the like, but I haven’t seen any tutorial or user reports on this method. What are the advantages/disadvantages?

Wouldn’t installing nagios with those components end up being one line of “yum install …” ? (<— a good thing).


yes, it is a “good thing”. but if something doesn’t work (and it often does), it is very difficult to help, and - at least from my part - one of the first questions is: “did you install from an RPM or from source?” :slight_smile:

It has up and downsides.


I personally have not been able to get the construct of nagios/pnp/ndo to work when installed via yum.

Does one need to do anything special? Installation paths etc…


that’s one of the reasons why i prefer installing from source :mrgreen: