Disable Acknowledgements


Is there a way to disable acknowledgements in nagios? I’ve setup nagios to replace our old monitoring system to cut down on the amount of pages that get sent out and in our case the acknowledgements are unnecisarry in our environment. Anyone know how to disable them?


you mean the acknowledge feature or the messages sent when a problem is acknowledged?
I think the feature itself would require a sourcecode modification in the cgi… (which is not impossible but could take some time risking to break things a bit up) for the messages you could try filtering them out…



Sorry, guess I should have been more specific. I’d like to keep using the acknowledged feature, but I dont want it to send an email/page when I acknowlege a problem. Is there a way to do this?


When a problem is acknowledged, there is a little check box that says “Send Notification:” So just don’t check that box.


<------ I’m an idiot. Thanks for cluing me in.