Disable notifications for all services on one host


Hi, I’ve been using Nagios for a couple of years and I have a question I can’t seem to figure out.

I have a number of servers with identical services that I monitor with Nagios. I’m setting up another, and I want to monitor that server without making any notifications, IE I want a nice way to see what I’ve got working without paging anyone. I can disable notifications for the host, but notifications still go out for service problems. I could create a whole new list of services just for this one machine and disable notification for those services, but that’s a major pain. I don’t want to say it’s in downtime, because it’s not down, I want the tests to run, it’s just not important enough to warrant notifications yet.

Any ideas?



You can disable notifications on a per-service basis for an individual host through the GUI as well, although I suppose it would be somewhat of a chore clicking through them all if you have ‘a lot’ of services on your host. Another way then would be to create a little script to fire off external commands to nagios to disable them all in one shot… take a look at the external commands documentation at nagios.org/developerinfo/ext … mand_id=12

Of course, if you do it this way then it’s easy to create a second script to switch all the notifications back on again when you are ready using the enable command - nagios.org/developerinfo/ext … mand_id=11





the thing with the downtime directive in nagios is that nagios is still doing the tests, but does not send any notifications… It would seem it’s THE answer to your problem
=> just put a downtime on your host, and its services will NOT send any notifications, but nagios will still do the tests

(not sure if it’s the right answer though, as you said that you don’t want to use downtimes :))