Distributed monitoring problem


hello everyone,
I’m trying to set up distriubed monitoring of nagios in freebsd. I followed the documentation I found on this site http://bobcares.com/blog/?p=70 but it didn’t work. I switched to the nagios official documentation but still it didn’t work. I’ve already done everything that’s been said on ther documentation and when I look at the nagios log, there’s no words saying that an error occur. Is my configuration fine? my real problem is that I don’t have any means of identifying whether the configuration of the distributed server and central server OK or not because the distributed server doesn’t have any web interface and I cant see any reports on my central server’s web interface.

any help is appreciated… tnx…


are the checks runnning on the remote server? you should be able to see that from the logs… :slight_smile:

are the checks being sent to your central server? (same check in the logs you should see something about the incoming passive checks)


hmm… the checks are running on the remote server, i can see the messages below when I look at the remote server’s log:

ciso-xenmaster# tail -f /var/spool/nagios/nagios.log [1274976000] CURRENT SERVICE STATE: localhost;Swap Usage;OK;HARD;1;SWAP OK - 100% free (964 MB out of 964 MB) [1274976000] CURRENT SERVICE STATE: localhost;Total Processes;OK;HARD;1;PROCS OK: 3 processes with STATE = RSZDT [1274976000] CURRENT SERVICE STATE: windows-xp-1;C:\ Drive Space;OK;HARD;1;c:\ - total: 29.53 Gb - used: 17.36 Gb (59%) - free 12.17 Gb (41%) [1274976000] CURRENT SERVICE STATE: windows-xp-1;CPU Load;OK;HARD;1;CPU Load 1% (5 min average) [1274976000] CURRENT SERVICE STATE: windows-xp-1;Explorer;OK;HARD;1;Explorer.EXE: Running [1274976000] CURRENT SERVICE STATE: windows-xp-1;Memory Usage;OK;HARD;1;Memory usage: total:1053.67 Mb - used: 334.50 Mb (32%) - free: 719.17 Mb (68%) [1274976000] CURRENT SERVICE STATE: windows-xp-1;NSClient++ Version;OK;HARD;1;NSClient++ 2009-10-12 [1274976000] CURRENT SERVICE STATE: windows-xp-1;Uptime;OK;HARD;1;System Uptime - 0 day(s) 1 hour(s) 57 minute(s) [1274976000] CURRENT SERVICE STATE: windows-xp-1;W3SVC;CRITICAL;HARD;3;W3SVC: Not found [1274977062] Auto-save of retention data completed successfully. [1274980662] Auto-save of retention data completed successfully.

But on the central server’s log, there’s no line saying that It is receiving the checks. Any idea on how to deal with this? Maybe you can answer my question: do I still need to allow the remote server pass any checks to my central server? I’m wondering because on nagios official documentaion, there’s no part of the configuration that allows the remote server to access the central but on some documentation I found on the web, there’s part of there that you are required to put the IP addresses that you are allowing to communicate with central server.


it surely does say how:

look at the Obtaining Service Check Information From Distributed Monitors section