DKIMProxy doesn't sign with dk DomainKey


I have installed dkimproxy on a debian etch machine with postfix. I have been successfully signing emails with dkim signature, but it wouldn’t sign the same email with domainkey signature. I have got both ‘signature dkim(c=relaxed)’ and ‘signature domainkeys=(c=nofws)’ in dkimproxy_out.conf. I’ve tried leaving just one domainkeys on its own, and tried changing nofws to simple. That didn’t help.

My question is: do i need to install any additional packages for dkimproxy to be able to sign mail with dk signatures (and dkim), or do i need to configure something else anywhere? (I have tried installing Mai::DomainKeys for cpan…or did thet break dkim proxy?)

And as a side question it would interesting to know whether dkimproxy is logging anything anywhere (i didn’t find any log files, and it doesn’t produce much in syslog either).

thanks a lot