Dkimproxy vs. spamassassin

I was wondering if anyone had any figures or stats on which of the 2 verifying methods is faster. We currently use dkimproxy for dk and dkim outgoing message signing and SA for dk and dkim verification, but we’re not too happy with SA’s performance.



Considering that SpamAssassin does much more than verify dk/dkim signatures, I’d expect the non-SpamAssassin method would be significantly faster.

But, no, I don’t have any figures/stats for that.

yes, you’re right. However, the dkimproxy method needs a before or after queue content filter on postfix, adding some overhead to the mail system as well. I guess there is no better way to answer my query than to test it myself ( now, I have to find time for that :slight_smile: ). I’ll post my results when done.



Hmmm… I run SpamAssassin as a Postfix content filter too, so that cancels out in my case…

Ultimately, I think a milter’s going to get the best performance, since it doesn’t have to pass the entire (signed/verified) message back into the mail system.