DNS checking


Out of curiosity how is the dns checked? I may have not set it up right but who knows. It monitors about 40 servers and at all times of the day and night there are intermitten DNS outages, even though it doesnt last but a few mins its at random and its even on the same network as the other servers

cant really picture our entire network at random having dns issues, maybe its the server its on that could possibly have it ? :roll: only thing on this server is MRTG graphs which monitors about 150 different things


i thing it just uses a dig query pointed at the DNS server, but i’m absolutely not sure…
you may want to have a look at the check_dns.c file…



Yea close enough… in checkcommands.cfg what site would you want to put in, something on your network or off network for dns checking ?


i have different settings for the different DNS servers. some checks for resolver DNS (using yahoo.com or something the like) and some for authoritative DNS (using one of our own sites).
Depends from what kind of DNS work you do :slight_smile:



just general checking I guess make sure dns is running or whatever ill probably have to go thru and remove the dns checkin its so anoying its making us all mad lol


try putting a higher timeout :wink:


luca’s suggestion has worked for another person who was having a problem with only one of his checks, so I’d suggest to do as he has stated. Change your check timeout value in nagios.cfg
service_check_timeout=120 or something like that.