Duplication Email Alerts - Urgent Assistance Required


I have started having a issue with my Nagios Alerting, i add a new host every few weeks, as the company expands to new sites, so it’s not completely foriegn to me, yesterday i added 2 new hosts (nothing different to what i normally do)

However since i added these 2 hosts i have noticed 2 new issues.

1: Each time an email alert is sent, 2 copies are sent.
2: When i disable notification on a host, after about a minute the notification turns back on by itself.

I dont see how adding some new host could cause any problem like this, but i dont think its just coincidence, any help on these 2 matters would be greatly appreiciated


I’ve seen this type of behaviour before when you somehow have 2 nagios processes running… try stopping nagios and make sure all processes are stopped - killall -9 nagios if neccessary - then start it back up again and you should be OK.


Thanks for your help, this has fixed the problem, i had tried to stop/start nagios with the nagios restart command, but i hadn’t tried the kill all command.

Again thanks for your help