Editing Avail.cgi and customization question about company l


I’m new to Nagios, have it setup on Ubuntu, and works great. I have some thoughts and I’m not sure how much I’m allowed to change without breaking a copyright or something?

  1. Instead of the Nagios logo in the corner of the sidebar, am I allowed to change that to my companies logo? Also, how about on the home page?

  2. I’d like to give management an availability report, but would like our logo to show up in there. I found that the frame I would like to alter in the Availability report code is locating in the avail.cgi file. When I try to edit the avail.cgi file, Nagios won’t browse to that page anymore. Do I have to do something after I edit a *.cgi file? Am I allowed to do this?
    I’m using nano to edit, should I use something else?


nagios.sourceforge.net/docs/2_0/ … #licensing

About the second question, you can’t edit the avail.cgi file because it is a binary file. You should edit the avail.c from the source and then modify the parts you want and compile it again