Email alerts


I’m Running Nagios from home to monitor my websites, I’d like my server to send email alerts to me however my ISP blocks outgoing email unless its routed through there servers, what would I need to do to set up Nagios to send email alerts to my ISP’s Mailserver to then be delivered to me at my mobile phones email client.


That doesn’t really have anything to do with nagios configurations.
Nagios is just using your machines mail client (default is ‘/bin/mail’).
You need to configure your mail client to use the smtp server of your ISP. Research sendmail configs, test stuff out, send emails to yourself via the command line using /bin/mail -s “My test message” and see what goes through after changing your mail configs.


Perfect, while I’m still kinda lost I do know how to configure send mail but I do know what direction I need to head now, thanks for the push =)