Email Notifications to workstation users


Hello Nagios Community,

I have a quick question - we use Nagios in our department (academic) to monitor workstation to see if the users are switching off their machine every evening. I am just wondering if it is possible to set a rules in Nagios configuration file, so that the email is sent out automatically to the users’ who left their machine switched on over night.

I would appreciate for your help.

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the machine is a host, set the machine user as a contact for that host… (s)he get’s the alerts.


Hi Luca,

Thanks for your post, sorry I am little bit lost here. We have 200 users and their machines are being monitored using Nagios, most of the user don’t bother to switch off their machine in the evening and it’s kind of time consuming to email them individually.
I am looking for a techniques - so that Nagios sends email automatically to the users reminding that ‘they must switch off their machine’.
Basically is there anyway I can associate workstations with it’s users in Nagios configuration file to send email notification?

Many thanks


i got that.
in the same way you can receive the emails, they can… … .html#host

cehck for contacts.