Error in nagios.cfg


Hello there

Good morning to all of you…

almost 2 weeks that im trying to resolve my problem in nagios configuration

nagios-3.0b1 was installed on my machine using fedoracore 4

nagios-plugins-1.4.9 was installed already

everythings in nagios program was running smooth on my machine and i can see the status of my localhost thru web local address.

but if i want to see the status of other machine using windows OS.
Im having problem for that, based on the instruction i just uncomment this symbol # to nagios.cfg and save it.



but when i uncomment this symbol then im going to save it and restart the nagios service

my localaddress it show me an error like this Whooopsss error!

please anyone can help me

thank you…


Sorry I was reading the newest ones first. Check out … c.php?9057