Error message with minimal.cfg

when i run nagios -v nagios.cfg, i get something error following:
Error: Command ‘check-host-alive’ has already been defined
Error: Could not register command (config file ‘/usr/local/nagios/etc/minimal.cfg’, starting on line 76)

my environment is nagios 2.0b5 with freebsd 5.4
please give me some suggestion, thanks a lot.

Minimal.cfg is designed so that you don’t need any of the other cfg files provided to run Nagios. Make sure that nagios.cfg isn’t telling Nagios to look to any other cfg files besides minimal.cfg.

I’m sure that nagios.cfg only reference minimal.cfg as cfg_file.
What’s the problem ?
By the way, should i use nagios 2.0b6 to fix this problem?
Edited Thu Dec 01 2005, 01:46AM ]

Command ‘check-host-alive’ has already been defined

Did you modify you rminimal.cfg?
look for the defintion of check-host-alive and find the duplication.


ya, i find out the mistake is command duplication in other file.