Errors assigning ports in dkimproxy? (resolved)

I’m a DKIM newbie, and had a problem with getting dkimproxy going properly. I built it on Ubuntu 6.06 LTS, using the prefix ‘/usr’. I then created and edited an init.d script to pull my generated ssl private key using the --keyfile directive, but it didn’t appear to work. So, I tried running dkimproxy.out manually, as follows:

sudo ./dkimproxy.out --keyfile=/etc/dkimproxy/private.key --selector=selector1
– --user=dkimproxy --group=dkimproxy

When I do so, I get this message:

Becoming sub class of "Net::Server::PreFork"
2007/05/02-16:51:28 main (type MySmtpProxyServer) starting! pid(9215)
Port Not Defined. Defaulting to '20203’
Binding to TCP port 20203 on host
Setting gid to "1002 1002"
Setting uid to “1005”

It would appear that it’s binding to the wrong port, which would explain why the proxying isn’t working through postfix.

Am I doing something wrong here? I’m thinking the specified ports should be passed to MySMTPProxyServer, but aren’t.

I think that problem occurs with certain versions of the Net::Server module. Try using CPAN to install a newer version of Net::Server.

In the meantime, I’ll add a TODO item for myself to figure out exactly which versions of Net::Server work and which don’t.

Hi Jason,

Thanks, that seemed to do the trick! I updated Net::Server to version 0.96, and things seem to work correctly now.