Etc/ directory not created during install


Installing Nagios 1.2 on Linux 7.3. After following the online instructions, the /usr/local/nagios/etc/ direcory was not created. Any dea why this would happen and how to install it?



same here

i installed nagios 1.2 on red hat
no etc dire. i created one manually, not sure if i am supposed to…

ALSO, what plugins do we have to download… … e_id=21883
if u go to the page above there are soo many files. which files do we run on linux?


You may have found the answer already but if not here you go.

Do the following and you should be sweet.

I created a separate directory under nagios called src. Modify the path according to your environment.

cd /usr/local/nagios/src/nagios-1.2

make install-config

This will create the etc directory with the files you require.
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