Exchange server partial access?


Hey all, I just installed Nagios and I’m getting some servers configured for monitoring. My question is regarding my Exchange server. Nagios is successfully monitoring (using NSClient++) two services, imaps and smtp. There are two other services Nagios is trying to monitor, IMAP Procs and Mail Queue, and the status of those two services is “Connection refused by host.” I tried looking for this issue here on the forums but I couldn’t find anything. I can’t understand why Nagios only works partially. I’ll go ahead and start adding some other Windows servers into the mix and see what happens. FWIW my Debian and CentOS servers are looking good.


Joe B


why are using nsclient++ to cehck imaps and smtp? use check_imap and checK-smtp instead…
with nsclient you’ll want to look at the performance counters of the exchange box, if the data you need is in the performance counters you should be able to get it back to your nagios box.


I use it aswell to check mailqueue lenths (paranoid monitoring i know) This is the counter you want:

\MSExchangeTransport Queues(_total)\Active Mailbox Delivery Queue Length


It’s not paranoid, the problem is you are working with an exchange server… :mrgreen:

Jokes apart i think mailqueues should be checked on every mailserver… you never know what and when it hangs… and better find out at 500 mails than at 20000 when the disk is full :twisted: