Exim Queue


Anyone ever tried to monitor mail queue? Cpanel uses exim and to get the queue total

exim -bpc

From the command line, how could I impliment this into Nagios?


as an snmp check it works for sure.
i’m using it for postfix queues.



Hi Luca

Cool so it does work :slight_smile: How do I incorperate it into nagios I guess? I have plugins setup to check load and disk so im assuming I just need to add something to nrpe.conf ?

actually how would I tell it when the queue becomes critical, warning that sorta thing if even possible :?
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check the snmpd.conf file layout and create a script called on a particular OID.

The warnings and such are at your discretion… it depends from the hardware, the amount of mail you get and so on… better even graph the mail queues for a while (see nagiostat) and then see where it usually is and decide for warning and critical levels :slight_smile:



I been working on snmp for mrtg graphs and getting monitoring up for network cpu and all that, and I find it difficult so im not familar with smpd and i dont follow the info/manual/howtos so I guess im lost then

Just so im clear, im not looking to generate graphs from mail sending/receiving just the amount of mail in the queue

exim -bpc gives you a count

Thanks anyway
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check the description of the exec directive in snmpd.conf.
and DO follow the manuals.
snmpd.conf even has a man page.

Ciao, Luca