Export CGI access or User right?


Hello *,
I’ve configured some different host group in my nagios, now i want that a well know user can see only one of this group? How can i do it?

For example I have got three group: GROUP1, GROUP2 and GROUP3. Now the User “USER01” can see only the GROUP2 and nothing of other groups.



I need to do the same thing. Is there a way? My current setup is OpenBSD 4.2+Nagios 2.9. Thanks.


I resolved the problem with a custom python/sh script that export all needed info.


So I need to do some coding? Can you provide more information please?


Yes, I make two script.
The first download via wget the page
The second parse the downloaded page and extra the information I nedd.

I can make all with only one script but i prefere the solutione of two


Thank you.
Best wishes!