External Commands


Hello. The plugins i downloaded for the Failover monitoring didn’t include an example as they both usually do and said they did, not did the plugins or actual main files. I’ve attempted to set it up but the same problem keeps coming up - I do not know of a way to reference the commands from the cmd.cgi file.

I’m not too too experienced with Linux (I’m only 20…), or Perl (which i used to write my own script to replace the check_nrpe functions. My perl code simply checks if the host is running(using snmp) - and If it is, it will eventually disable the notifications on the local. If it is not running, the local server should start notifying and detecting hosts, etc.

The documentation on this page talks about the nrpe functions but simply rides off the referencing the external commands like it is easy. Maybe my limited experience is making this an easy question to answer (or a dumb one), but I can’t for the life of me figure out why just typing ENABLE_NOTIFICATIONS won’t work, even though that’s the format in their external commands page. (When i say They or Their, i am refering to the Nagios Documentation (www.nagios.org) )

Can anyone help me?


If your question is that external commands are not working, then follow the instructions in nagios/docs/commandfile.html.
The nrpe demon has it’s own docs with the download. Not much to setting it up really. Give it another try and then post back any particular problems you encounter.