Find installed plugins


I have a server setup with CentOS 5.3 and a working install of Nagios. Most of the install was carried out by running ‘yum install nagios’ and ‘yum install nagios-plugins’ both of which happened without a problem. Since the plugins were installed as a package I don’t know where they ended up or which plugins were installed.

Is there some way I can list the installed plugins?
I need to find some examples of configurations so I can tinker and get them running.
I have http and ping checks running (after a fashion…it doesn’t seem to like pinging locally hosted sites but it works for remote ones) but I’d also like to monitor disk usage, memory usage, temperature, load, and MySQL.
From what I’ve read I’m expecting I probably have at least the usage plugins installed by the package and possibly temperature but I have no way of knowing and I’m uncertain how I’d get my remote Windows servers to respond to nagios (is it snmp?).

I’ve seen a couple of examples with $ARG1 $ARG2 and so on but I have no idea what those ARGs should be so I could do with an example of how someone set theirs up that I can get working then adapt.


Ok, I’ve been reading about nsclient++ which looks promising for getting the Windows servers to report data…I still need to work out what I have installed on the Linux end though.


in that directory you can run the single plugins with the --help switch. (i.e. ./check_http --help)


I don’t appear to have that directory. I’ve double checked and I definitely have the nagios-plugins package installed but it and the original nagios package were installed automatically by yum so I’m not entirely sure what it put where. I can find a couple of folders called nagios but neither seems to have a libexec folder.


find the “check_ping” file… that’s the directory…
and consider FAQ point n. 2 :slight_smile:


Thanks, I found it at “/usr/lib/nagios/plugins/”.

I’m installing Nagios on a couple more machines so I’ll go with the manual method for them not the package :stuck_out_tongue: