Firewall Port?


I have been searching through the forum and I haven’t found anything about a specific port that needs to be opened in the firewall in order to let nagios through. I have a disaster recovery site and I need to get through two firewalls in order to monitor the DR servers.

Is there a specific port to open up? Disabling the firewall on either end is not an option.




Depends on what you need to monitor. If you are using a check_ftp plugin, then let port 21 traffic through, check_httpd then open up port 80, or whatever port your web is using, and so on.


I am mostly using check_ping, check_nt_memuse, check_nt_disk_c, check_nt_uptime, etc…

I guess I was just under the assumption that nagios in general uses a specific port.

The nagios daemon will need to be able to pass through one firewall into a VPN tunnel, and then through the other firewall to check the other servers.


I"m not sure what your plugins use. The look like some sort of nrpe checks to nt machines. If so, they might use particular ports. look at the help that comes with each plugin to find out what they need.
check_pluginame --help


I have also been reading about indirect service checks as a way to monitor drive space, etc… on remote hosts. Do you have any experience with indirect checks? If so, can you give me any tips?

I found indirect checks here: … hecks.html




I use almost 100 passive checks(indirect checks I suppose).
This is accomplished by me via the nsca plugin and nagios installed in a distributed setup.
Any checks made on winblows machines, I use the nc_net that can be found at nagios exchange.
Any remote machines that are 'nix type, I install a mini nagios setup on that remote box, and send via nsca.


Thanks for all your help, I will let you know if I have anymore questions.