First post

Oh man, that was too easy.

What, posting?

How’s NAV coming along? After I finish this big project (hopefully to be completed within the next couple of days) I want to get started on it. Doesn’t look like the documention is very comprehensive or complete, though.

Is NAV really auto-detecting your network layout, or is it necessary to have CISCO devices for it to work that way?

From what I have seen, it can detect that switch A is connected to switch B via port “whatever”. But you have to tell it all the ip’s of the switches installed. But it doesn’t appear to work very well, and not with all switches/routers. If something isn’t working, like your cronjob’s, there is no docs to help you out. The documentation is very limited from what I’ve seen.

2005 was not a very good NAV-year. This year we hope to spend much more time. If you have suggestions how NAV could be better please let us know.

For one, I found the docs very sparse. I don’t see any mention of cronjob’s at all, for example. I’m having trouble with the cronjobs and have no place to turn to for help. At this time, the mailing list has been of no help, since I’ve had no replies yet to my troubles. I’m hoping this forum will assist those that need help.