Frequent "Host Check Timed Out" in slow servers


Hi to all !
We have some servers that are slow (maybe network problems) and sometimes i get
a “host check timed out”.
Using nagstamon, it’s rather disturbing because it give a false error (in fact after a minute
nagios recheck the host, that is up.
Is there any parameter for increase the time before the host is considered “Timed Out” ??
Regars to all
Italian Penguin


Standard check-host-alive uses check_ping
./check_ping --help


Yes, i saw in commands.cfg the definition of check-host-alive
and it uses check_ping with parameter -p 5
Should i increase the parameter ? or just omit it ?
Thanks one more time
Italian Penguin


i don’t know the default of timeout… but that is what you were looking for :slight_smile:


No luck … i tried setting the parameter -p 15 or higher:
command_line $USER1$/check_ping -H $HOSTADDRESS$ -w 3000.0,80% -c 5000.0,100% -p 15

, and even suppressed that parameter:
command_line $USER1$/check_ping -H $HOSTADDRESS$ -w 3000.0,80% -c 5000.0,100%

It does not work : i keep continuing in getting “host check timed out” …
Any other suggestion … ??


do pings work to those hosts when nagios fails?


This hosts are ESX hosts … so of course they are always up and running, but for some reason
the check_ping gives a “host check timed out”. It’s rather boring because if we plan to send sms for
the event “esx host down”, it’s not trusteable.
Thanks for every suggestion
Italian Penguin


notifications shouldn’t start on the first check failure :slight_smile: