Fruity 1.0 beta 1 is released!


Fruity v1.0 beta 1 is now released. The popular Nagios configuration tool has gotten a major code overhaul.

Big changes in this release:

  • Nagios v2 is only supported. v1.x support is dropped. :slight_smile: Start switching over!
  • Nagios v1.x configs will still import.
  • PHP 5 is used. PHP 4 is no longer supported.
  • Templates on steroids. You can do a lot more with templates in Fruity than in nagios.
  • Dependencies and escalation support.

All you ever wanted!
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Fruity 1.0 beta 1 patch level 2 released!

Patchlevel 2 fixes a good deal of issues from patchlevel 1. You should upgrade to Patchlevel 2 asap.


  • Corrected servicegroup,contactgroup import/export functionality for services and service templates
  • Corrected CGI config export.
  • Corrected Host Export issue where the tag name would be set as the host_name, making it a template.
  • Corrected command name export in main configuration.


Hmm, I just noticed that Monarch & Fruity are made by one and the same company. Is there anyone out there who can explain me the thought process behind developing 2 similar tools at the same time…? 8)


Absolutely. :wink:

I’m hoping the community will have a word or two on what they’d like to see as a end result.


Fruity 1.0 beta 1 patchlevel 3 is released!

NOTE: The DB Schema has changed, please update your SQL Schema.

This will be the last patchlevel for beta 1. Development will continue until Beta 2 is ready.

CHANGELOG from patchlevel2:

  • Corrected Main Configuration export issues (various)
  • Added Check Command Parameters to Service / Templates
  • Corrected other import/export issues
  • Corrected all bugs listed in SF Tracker
  • Database Schema updated, UPDATE YOUR SQL SCHEMA
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Fruity Monarch? :wink: