Get notification to work


So i have setup a few services and they are checking ok but i do not seam to be getting any notification when some of them go down.

My services setup is (this services is disabled) I go into the web configuration and i am getting this services in red “Connection refused”

Service definition

define service{
use generic-service ; Name of service template to use

    host_name                       bandicoot
    service_description             POP3
    is_volatile                     0
    check_period                    24x7
    max_check_attempts              3
    normal_check_interval           5
    retry_check_interval            1
    contact_groups                  server_admin
    notification_interval           120
    notification_period             24x7
    notification_options            w,u,c,r
    check_command                   check_pop


I supposed whit notification_options i should get an email to the people in server_admin?

[blockquote]define contactgroup{
contactgroup_name server_admin
alias Systems Administrators
members namit

and then that does to the contacts.cfg and gets the info?

I am getting no emails or pages can anyway help me?

I checked miscommands.cfg and those commands seams to the correct ones (default ones)

Also another things is when certain commands are run like shutdown and reboot can i get notified about that also?