Global Contact


I’m new to Nagios and was wondering if anyone knows of a method to have all alerts go to one global contact in addition to the individual contacts defined to hosts and services? Thanks


I don’t think there’s a predefined way for doing it.
You could try defining a template for hosts and services with the contact you wish notified defined in the template… BUT i’m not sure if defining another contact will overwrite the old one or add to it…
if all fails… you have to add the new contact in each service or host definition.



Sounds like a contactgroup to me. But then I could be wrong.


Thanks, I was hoping to allow each dept/group to define their hosts/services and no matter who they define as contacts to add a single contact that would be globally defined to receive all alerts (a 24/7 operations dept.). I’m playing with several scenarios now to try to get this to work. Thanks again


Sounds like you could manage these people easier within your email system of choice. Suppose you use MSExchange, just create a group. Then each dept could manage there own group email addy.