(Graphical) Alert counter


Greetings all,

I am wondering if there is a plug-in available which displays the amount of alerts over a period of time for a certain system, sort of a graphical history.

i.e. if system X had 4 software failures over the last 24 hours, which are currently resolved, that the alert counter stays on 4 until I manually reset the counter.

This option would save a lot of time reading through the whole history.
On a first glance the administrator could easily spot which systems had some problems since the last visit to the site.

Thanks in advance for answering my question.


confused. Don’t shoot me, I havent had much sleep the past days but isn’t what you want already implemented in the alert histogram?


yes the histogram would show what you want, but better yet, install nagiostat.
For example: nagiostat installed and I have a service check_ftp. the ftp check gives the output of “login OK”. I setup nagiostat to plot any occurance other than “login OK”. What I end up seeing in the nagiostat graphs are “graphical representations of filed attempts to login”. Easily I could see that in the last hour, all was OK, the last day, there have been 2 bad logins, the last week, 5 failed, the last 5 years, 100 filed attempts.