Graphing Nagios data


What do people think of the current options for graphing nagios data? So far I’ve tried Apan and perfparse

APAN - easy to set up but relies on custom plugins which are a bit of a pain.

Perfparse - Again pretty easy to get it going although only works for performance data not standard plugin data. I’m having trouble getting remote checks to work.

nagiosgraph + nagiosstat. Not yet tried - RRD is still installing from trying APAN so should be pretty simple to test…


don’t know nagiosgraph, but nagiostat works quite well. :slight_smile:



I’ve found nagiostat good, since it can use both perf or standard plugin output.
Now I’m a graphing fool, and they have come in quite handy when triing to prove a point about a problem. i.e. “free_table_space” over the past 3 months is showing you are about to fill up your tables, and stuff like that.


getting addicted to graphs too :smiley:

Even if some times i just sit in front of the wrongly graphed stuff and scratch my head… :confused: obviously my mistakes… problem is finding them :smiley:



Nagiosgraph now fully up and working. I’m getting into trouble as well spending too much time tweaking the graphs as well :(. It also can work from the std output or from perf data.