Help me about VRML plugin. Thanks


Hi Everybody (sorry for my bad english. I’m french)

I’ve installed freeWRL plugin on my Debian, and I’ve problems… :cry:

1-A popup is open for all server i’ve configurated on Nagios. Popus say : Warning – node Shape may not be ok as a field of type topNodes ( …called from VRML::Parser, 140)

2-An other message in one popup is “FreeWRL got a SIGSEGV - can you please mail the file(s) to ith a valid subject line. Thanks.”

What is it and what is the solution please ?? It(s very important !! thanks

Merci d’avance.


try another VRML plugin.
Those are not nagios errors.



I’ve to try openvrml and octaga but I have errors when I install them.


That’s still not a Nagios problem…

Try Cortona, or search the forum for other VRML plugins.



Luca you don’t help me lol, I use linux but Cortona is a windows or mac vrml plugins :s ! Thanks


Bottom line is that one vrml viewer/browser is not going to work on all vrml pages. So, try them all if you have to and find one that does work with your OS/browser.


For me, the VRML 3-D view is not very useful. So you may want to consider removing the feature all together.

In order to remove it, I modified the file and removed the lines:

3-D Status Map