Help me please. I can't install Nagios plugins

I can’t install Nagios Plugins.
When i type ./configure Nagios Plugins check my system so long, and after it stop at check of redhat spopen problem… .
What should i do when have this problem ?
I need setup Nagios System to monitor my System, but now i can’t continue because this problem.
Please help me.
Thanks so much

…hard to tell since you haven’t provided any details on what version of the plugins you are trying to build and what operating system version you are using.

Are you trying to build nagios-plugins-1.4.3? This is the latest version. If not, try building this version. If so, you could try building an earlier version. If it still fails, post an extract of the end of the build session where the errors are occuring and maybe that will give another clue.

yup try version 1.4.2 plugins.