Help with windows


Good afternoon everybody I’m new to the forum so if I post this in the wrong board please redirect me.

I’ve got a problem now that i have configured my guest VM’s in KVM/qemu combination running on Debian server.
I’ve followed some tutorials that are posted on-line and i successfully reached my goal. To host a VM(multiple) on a server.
But I’ve used virt-manager for attend the configuration. I’m running everything using VMware. so I can later implement it in a dedicated server.

My question is, is there a software like virt-manager for windows. I want to configure it both ways, not only on Linux but also windows.
Maybe it’s a weird question but I’m really stuck on this. I successfully did it on Linux but I can’t seem to find a software to manage my VM’s for windows

hope somebody could show me the way or point me in the right direction.

If more information is needed i would gladly provide this.
I’m new to KVM/Qemu so if some technical questions are ask it could take me a while to answer back.