Hey I need A real help in configuring nagios


I have some questions here wether nagios can be used for

Monitor the System Errors and status of any failure of all Hardware devices e.g. Disk, Tape, Memory, CPU, Raid Controller, Power Failure, Temperature warning etc.,Monitor or detect any new hardware installed or removed,Alert / Report on all Exchange services-Email alerts,Monitor the bandwidth utilization of each
interfaces in router and switch,VLAN interface needs to be monitored for the active connection , status of the VLAN, number of hosts connected through the vlan, number of session maintained / processed (for the defined time),TCP/UDP/IPX traffic monitoring / and report for defined with size,Entire networks HSRP view has to be provided and details of the HSRP interface and router / switch participates on the same.

Please tell me wether we can montior all these things


There is not one thing that you mentioned, that can’t be monitored via some tool provided by the Vendor. So, if the vendor can do it, then you can do it also. If there isn’t a plugin already made, you can usually just modify or create your own plugin. For example: I had some oracle tablespaces that I wanted to monitor the free space inside the tablespace. The problem was, that the standard check_oracle plugin was reporting the actual free space, and didn’t take into account the records that have been marked for deletion. The vedors tool reported the correct free space, so I simply incorporated the vendor’s code into the check_oracle code, and bingo, it works.

I’d say most of your checks can be done with check_snmp. i.e. vlan status, interface status, iftraffic (and then graph it with nagiostat too) active connections, switches, power, raid, cpu, … all with check_snmp.