Hi problem with plugins


i have founf check_icmp plugin instead of check_ping.so i downloaded check_icmp plugin.now i am having problem with integrating it with the previous plugins.
please help me out.let me know the procedure about installing addon plugins.

what i did was.
i copied check_icmp.c file in my plugins folder
and then did ./configure,make all,make install

but nothing happened. :frowning:

let me know if any one knows how to,coz this problem i will face with every addon plugin which i will install.

Aparna :slight_smile:


Download the check_icmp-2005-03-30.tar.gz file
tar -zxvf check_icmp-2005-03-30.tar.gz
cd check_icmp-2005-03-30/
there are 2 files in there: check_icmp.c Makefile
type make
now there are 4 files there:check_icmp* check_icmp.c check_icmp.o Makefile
copy the check_icmp file to the libexec directory for your nagios, give it the correct permissions, and you are good to go.


Hi ,
Thanks a lot.
i have downloaded check_icmp as per ur instructions.lets c now if it works for me instead of check_ping.
Thanks once again