High availability with kvm


Hi all,

I’m searching for a way to do high availability with kvm-based virtual machines.
I’d like to automatically execute a VM on another physical host when the first one crashes.

Any idea/advices about howto do this ?


Hi All,

I am also looking how to implement KVM HA if some one have any information Please share. And may this link helps some one (te.to/~ts1/xen_cluster.html)

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High Availability is not very hard, but as many things there are some learning curves.

For us the 2 main parts are DRBD and Heartbeat. It is best to completely understand both before setting up 2 servers in high availability mode.

As you have KVM, set up 2 containers to run heartbeat. Have it set so that between the 2 kvm’s one i/p address is available at all times. then you can add other services .

Use Debian Lenny or Squeeze on both , install heartbeat and read /usr/share/doc/heartbeat/GettingStarted.html

There is a lot of help avail at linux-ha.org/ . for each part of heartbeat you are trying to learn check that site.

then ask questions and I’ll try to help.


What if I have a centralized SAN Storage? Then I don’t need DRBD, right?
How does it work the machines will be started on the other host? What module is responsible for that?

Thx in forward