Host Check Timed Out



I have recently installed Nagios Version 3.1.2. All seems to be working okay apart from if a host goes down the info is “(Host Check Timed Out)”, where i would expect something like 100% packet loss?

I’ve not changed anything from the default settings, i.e. what you get in the sample configuration files. And this are active checks.

Notification Type: PROBLEM
Host: Router
State: DOWN
Info: (Host Check Timed Out)

What setting do i need to change to make it show the packet loss rather than “(Host Check Timed Out)”? Is it better to use check_icmp plugin rather than check_ping? and if so how do you do this?



google :wink: … 13083.html … 13082.html

I’m not sure, that I untherstand what you want to do, but why do you want to send e-mails, by analysing log file?
Nagios can help you sending e-mails without writing special scripts … tions.html … os-651846/


Hello, I have this problem too.

The remote host is a windows client and all services are correctly monitored, but the host results down when it is not. The Status information says: "(Host Check Timed Out) ".
I don’t understand how to correct this.

Please help.