Host depending on service question


I need to setup Host dependency to a service. What has happened is a DNS failure. The DNS server was still working but the DNS service stopped working. All of Nagios’s DNS lookups started to fail as it couldn’t find the hosts via DNS lookup.

What I’m trying to do is setup all the Hosts that require DNS lookup to be dependent on the DNS service on the DNS server. Can someone provide an example definition dependency for this?

Thanks in advance!


Hm, interesting request. If it is ok with you to disable notifications for those dependent hosts, but make a service with check_ping for each of them, which would indicate host reachability for you. And of course make service dependencies for each service of dependent hosts to be dependent on DNS service.
That way you wouldn’t get notified on either of services if DNS service is down, but still will be aware of dependent hosts reachability when DNS is in OK state.


Dear Albin,

I’m afraid that Service Dependencies won’t work as expected. Take a look at:


Hope it helps.