Host Detail: Down



I have a problem with Host Detail: these two are down, but the processes are working just fine and everything else also. Can someone help me…

what is the meaning of these two (Screenshot-1.jpg) Status information (No output… for the linux_kenny and Usage: … for winserver)?



now I’ve put another host in, and didn’t give any service to monitor, just to see if the new host is being up/down/unreachable, but in 16 hours nothing happend, the host is still pending (In the Host Status Details For All Host Groups)

anybody have any ideas???

thanks, bye


Have you tried reloading nagios? Give it a shot and see what happens. Where is the linux server located?


I’ve solwed the problem, I had check_command in the define host {} and I erased it and all is working fine now…



If you’re still reading the forum:

the solution of erasing the check_command works quite fine (that’s how we’ve managed for a long time).
But a better solution is to add the line:
enable_active_checks 0
in your define host {}

=> it’s pretty much the same, but you’ll have a nice icon in your interface (ok, not so nice: just a red cross). But nagios will know that it doesn’t have to check and moreover: schedule the check of this host



Yes I’m still reading the forum…

thanx a lot for the advise…