Host Down but Services Alerts



my host is down.

But all the services from this host give nagios critical alerts.

Is it possible not to have these alerts but only the host down alert ?

info : some services on this host are linked to other hosts



RTM for host dependencies and service dependencies.


hello , i have the same problem and i’ve read the manual but i don’t understand where is the solution for my problem , if i use hostdependency i still receive notifications for services .

If i use servicedependency and the host is down i receive notifications for services , so if i have understand what servicedependecy does then i only could define 1 service as master for the rest , in this case when the host is down i still receive 2 notifications : one for host down and anothen one for “master” service down

so: no one has this problem ?


The only way I’ve seen services still sending alerts when a host is down is when the host is in a soft down state versus a hard down.
As soon as the hard down state is reached the alerts for the services stop.

To adjust either make the host check more sensitive (decrease the number of host checks before a hard state or decrease the time between each check) or decrease the sensitivity of the service checks (increase the number of service checks before a hard state or increase the time between each check).