Host icon image


has anyone come across with host icon not displaying ? here is what i did - i made 40*40 image and placed in /usr/local/nagios/share/logos/

and define hostextinfo like this
define hostextinfo{
host_name localhost
icon_image windowslogo.png

because i am using template base host definiation i added line in host defination template.
icon_image image_file

restarted nagios and httpd

This should work but sadly the icon does not appear.
PS: i have nagios 3.03



in 3.03 , icon defintions included in host section,
u can define as this in hostgroups.cfg
define hostgroups {
name groupA
use linux-server
icon_image linux.gd2

the icon directory is nagios/share/images/logos/
and the icon_image support gd2 files only~


yes, its now shwoing up