Host retry_check_interval



I am sure this has been asked before, but in all of my searching I could not find an answer to my question. Is there a way to set a Host retry_check_interval? I do not want to be notified that I host is down until after 5 minutes. It would appear the default is 10 seconds. I know I can up the max_check_attempts but I don’t really want to check the host 30 times since (I think) these have priority over all other checks.

What are my options here???




not many oiptions there…
make the default interval 1 minute and use 5 retries… that gives you a warning after 5 minutes down (minimum) up to 5 minutes + normal check interval.



How did you figure the default is 10 seconds? … .html#host
The default time interval is 60 (second), the default check interval is 5 (5 intervals = 5 mins), the default max_check_attempts is 5. There is no retry interval for hosts.

If a service fails after the check and the retries, then the host is checked. This time should add up to well over 5 minutes, so I don’t see what the problem is, since you stated you didn’t want to be notified for 5 minutes. Look at your setup, add up the times, and it should be well over 5 minutes.


After some digging I found this 10 second time out was part of the check_ping command defined under check_host_alive. What I did to effectively increase the host retry interval was to modify the check_host_alive command. I also had to modify the host_check_timeout in the nagios.cfg file.

Let me know if you need more information…



the check_ping timeout has NOTHING to do with the notification being sent in 10 seconds or not… the chek ping timeout ios the timeout to determine if that single ping packet has timed out or not. mnissing a ping DOES NOT give a host down notification. You get a notification if the warning and critical levels are low so the plugin returns critical on the first missed packet, if you don’t have retries on the service itself. So there’s a lot to configure…