Host/service dependency on several redundunt hosts/services


Hy everyone!

I need help in configuring Nagios dependencies.
I have 50 hosts that are dependent on two routers which are redundant. Now, if any of those routers are down Nagios suppress sending notifications on those 50 hosts. I have configured them with host and service (ping) dependencies with notification_failure_criteria d,u (did so with hostgroups in dependency configuration file - Routers are in one hostgroup, and host in the other). I don’t see the point in configuring all those hosts dependent on two routers separately, because it will result in same condition (host 1-50 dependent on router 1 in one definition, and host 1-50 dependent on router 2 in second definition).

What I need is to suppress notification if both routers are down, not just one. Is Nagios configurable in that way, or I’ve missed something in documentation?

Thanks in advance for replies,