Host status as red/green image on intranet


Hi all!
I wonder how i would setup our intranet with images like ‘red light’ for a host that is down, ‘green light’ for down and ‘yellow light’ for warning.
I would like a service for our user so they can see if there is a problem with (for example) our exchange server.
Im using nagios 3.06 (fully setup and operational) and our intranet is EPIserver.

sort of like this :

Exchange server:
status: server is down


Fileserver :
status: server is up


have a look at nagvis… not sure if it will do what you want but looks like it’s a step towards what you are looking for…
or create a php page parsing the nagios page, anmd outputting what you need… just another idea… it can possibly be done easier. :slight_smile: