Host Status - Novice


All, I am a new user of Nagios 3 and I have a question regarding host status. I have several host that have a critical status displayed in Nagios, but most of them have a duration displayed that is several days old. Can I clear (reset) the Critical status on hosts?

Here is an example if I am not explain it correctly:
Host Service Status Last Check Duration Attempt
Server1 Application Event Critical 4-28-2008 8d 7h 5s 3/3

Can I clear the above status? And why does it hold on to the status so long?



Have you checked the service of that host, it must be in Critical state when it says so. That duration thingy is the duration of current service/host state which hasn’t changed for how long it says.

Check your Nagios log and try to run the command check of the service/host check which gives you Critical state in terminal and see what it says.