Host with multiple 2 parents possible?


Hi, we have a subnet of hosts let say on 192.168.72.x network that are connected to 2 6500 in a mesh configuration for redundancy and performance. How would one host on 192.168.72.x be configured for parent/child relation ships if it needs to depend on both 6500’s being up?



If i remember right parent relationships are used to determine the unreachability of a host to avoid multiple host down notifications in case of an upstream link failure…
I think you need to check the interfaces of the 6500s and sound alarm when one of those fails… isn’t this wnough to solve the problem?



Ah, I see what you are saying. So right now I hung all the hosts off one switch and am monitoring the switch interface on sw1. On sw2 I am just monitoring the idle interface with no hosts. So if either interface goes down we still get alerts for the downed switch. Makes perfect sense.



Not sure how you configured it now and i’m not sure about the exact behaviour but you should be able to put multiple parents.
That would make the checks continue if one of the links is down (if you have only one parenthost if that link fails all downstream hosts would be marked unreachable).

A couple of tests should give you the best configuration for your needs :slight_smile: