Hostextinfo.cfg error


Hi everybody,

I installed a new nagios server on RHEL5, and all work fine.
I decided to improve the output by defining hostextinfo.cfg , and i got this error message:
[blockquote]Error: Could not add duplicate hostextinfo entry for host ‘americano2’.
Error: Could not allocate memory for hostextinfo list to add extended info for host ‘americano2’.
Error: Could not register extended host information (config file ‘/usr/local/nagios/etc/servers/hostextinfo.cfg’, starting on line 6) [/blockquote]
i have defined 2 host_names:
Normally they differ in unix linux world, but it seems that nagios doesn’t like it.
So , I you have encountered such problem, please give me a clue


More informations on version and O.S.
Nagios 2.10
Nagios-plugin 1.4.10

I have changed the host_name to americano for one host and deleting the second host anaywhere,but still meet ing the same problem,i wondering if this is not already solved somewhere in this forum, i tried to find a similar case but no ;-(

It’s seem easy to solve but i don’t find the solution, any help?


I found the solution:
In my nagios.cfg file i’ve declared these 3 lines:


Normally all my *.cfg files where defined in cfg_dir, so i didn’t need to redifined the 2 first lines above (cfg_file).
After commenting out these 2 cfg_file , all work fine.