Hostgroup send only one notification


Hello everyone,

is there a way how to configure nagios to send only one notification when some percentage of members defined in a hostgroup is down?

To be more specific:

  • I have 500 computers monitoring
  • sometimes the connecting net is going down
  • I need to know imediately that it is happening and I dont want to get 500 emails but only one
  • I have defined a group with this 500 members
  • I dont know how to make nagios to generate only one email if for example more then 30% of this members are down

Thank you for any advice.



check the parent_host directive, with it you should be able to get what you are looking for (status unreachable and not down, so you can choose if you want an email or not for this particular case)


If the connecting net is on the side of each of the 500 pc, use the parent option.

If the connecting net is on the side of your nagios monitoring pc to reach these pc’s then its probably better to use host dependencies.