How can we get this?


How can we get the values of -w and -c for different plugins available like check_tcp, check_swap. check_ping and all.



Go to /etc/nagios-plugins/config
There should be .cfg files in which these variables are defined.


Thanks for your quick reply. I don’t have such file. In my nagios plugins home directory i don’t see any file named config. There is config.h and but those don’t contain any numerical saying that the values for -w and -c.

Please check once.


The config is also a directory. In config directory there should be .cfg files of every plugin installed. Check where are your nagios configuration files, like nagios.cfg, commands.cfg, cgi.cfg, etc. Go there, then one directory level up, and there should also exist directory called nagios-plugins, and in it there should be directory named config. And, like I’ve said, config directory should contain .cfg files of all plugiins installed.

Or just type at the shell:
locate ping.cfg
and it should locate it. If it outputs more hten one directory (and it should), pick the one within /etc/ directory. I hope this helps