How do I make a drive local to an Ubuntu


How do I make a drive local to an Ubuntu computer accessible to Windows computers in my network? Here’s the problem: I have a terabyte drive local to my super slow computer. I decide to dual boot into ubuntu, only to find out that my other computers can’t access this drive anymore. Anyone have a solution?

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And how is this nagios related? :confused:

ANyway i suspect you are looking for samba.


If I install the ubuntu os, will it import information from the vista, or wipe the drive? I’m seriously considering changing to ubuntu, but I want to know that it will keep installed programs, files, etc. And will ubuntu run the programs I used with vista (photoshop, sims, etc.)? I’m also tempted to put ubuntu on my parents’ computer, and would like some opinions on the system, as well as what people think of it compared to vista and xp.

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again, this has NOTHING to with Nagios… and NO, DON’T DO IT.

From your question it is clear you have NO idea of what you are asking.
UBUNTU is a linux distribution, you can’t keep your installe windows program and continue running them.