How do I use a Perl Script in acommand - what are the config


I have a perl script that measures the CPU I/O wait time among other CPU related issues and I can run the command with the appropriate switches from the command line in Nagios and it works perfectly. It has been a while since I built this server however. How do I get this into a host or service statement to be monitored? I need all the steps I am afraid.

Here is the command:

./ -v 1 -H 172.xx.xx.xx -C public -w 60% -c 75% -T netsc

Entering this at the command line returns the following:

Alarm at 15 + 5
SNMP v1 login
Checking OID :
OID returned 99
CPU used 1.0% (<60) : OK

This is against a test box with snmp enabled. I can do snmpwalks against the targets and they work . So what do I do with the command statement now to get Nagios to use it? I have Nagios pinging 300 or so boxes and that is all I ever figured out how to do - couple of other smaller things, but now I really need this in a hurry. Please help Asap.